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Ralph Brickwood Memorial Award


Pierre Moreau

 Ralph Brickwood, originally from the UK, became a member of CVMG Montreal during the very early days of the section. He was active as a motorcyclist until his late 60’s, and amongst other bikes, operated a Gold Wing with a sidecar. In Road Racing he marshalled, and officiated at Mosport in 1967 for the first and only Canadian GP. He was a Trials rider, and our records show that he rode in the first year of CVMG Trials in 1989. He was last reportedly working on a Vincent Black Lightning project and brought many parts from the UK as "hand baggage". With his son-in-law Guy Martin he ventured into performance tuning of Ducati engines.

Ralph passed away in 1992, and his widow Phyllis proposed that an annual club award be inaugurated in his memory. This award was initially given for the best sidecar combination within the club, but it afterwards evolved to become a recognition “for conspicuous service to the club”.. The choice of annual awardee is the prerogative of the club president, who will usually consult with his fellow executive members. The award is nowadays presented at the club’s annual Xmas Dinner

The list of previous awardees :

 1992 C Dansereau (1917 Indian Power Plus) 1993 D Whitton (1973 Norton Commando)

1994 Richard Rose and Anne Arnold (BMW K100S Isle of Man) 1995 Tom McDonough (Yamaha SR 500 Boston, Mass)

1997 Ariel Owners Club North Atlantic Branch  1998 Peter McEwen  1999 Ed Hawkes  2000 Joan Darlington and Steve Tucker

2001 Andy Hall  2002 Leon Goldik  2003 Rick Collins  2004 Eric & Ariane Pritchard  2005 Costa Zarifi  2006 John Gurr

2007 Bob Cohoon  2008 David Cronin  2009 Ken Paquet  2010 Ron Dawson  2011 Wilhelm Magnussen  2012 Pete Gauthier

2013 Rally Committee  2014 Alfred Bedard  2015 Brett Farrell  2016 Tony Fletcher

2017 Pierre Moreau

The CVMG (Montreal) BSA Award For Indefatigability

   The BSA Award winner is chosen annually by a select committee of male members of CVMG Montreal, as a person within the club who has exemplified during the year the quality of indefatigability. This word has been chosen because it can be used for a multitude of different situations. It can mean anything from sheer guts and determination in the face of insurmountable odds, or it can mean obstinate persistence and bone-headedness against all common sense. It can mean tireless devotion to a cause, and it can mean relentless, even comical perseverance. In fact, it can be applied to almost anything. It is intended as a light-hearted, almost irreverent award given usually at the annual CVMG Montreal Xmas Party. Above all, it is not intended to cause offence, and therefore the recipient is carefully chosen.


The BSA Award derives its name from the more obvious Birmingham Small Arms motorcycle company name, and also from the phrase "Balls of Steel, with Attitude". A club member once met a BSA A65 Thunderbolt rider who had narrowly escaped bodily injury following a classic big-end seizure event that these models are particularly known for. He is quoted as saying "Anyone who rides one of those things had better have Balls of Steel!" (Andy Hall)




Bill Magnussen

List of Winners : 

2017       Bill Magnussen 

2016      Danny Robillard and a buddy were riding their bikes together on a highway west of Montreal in August 2015 when they unfortunately collided. Danny came off, broke a wrist, suffered neck and shoulder injuries, and wrote off his bike. After hospitalisation and many months of rehab, he has managed to come through it all, and be active again on his bikes. Danny demonstrates indefatigability in being resolute during his recovery, and he has not been put off from biking. A friend suggested that a knock to his head at the time may be the reason for him letting go of a Triumph Bonneville recently. 

2015      Steve Bakos was casually riding his 1957 Triumph TRW to an Ormstown area rally committee meeting in May 2013, when he ran over an unmarked trench dug across the road. He lost control of his bike and in a resulting accident suffered several severe and painful injuries, which have since been slow to heal. In 2015, after dismounting at the end of a physical therapy session on horseback, he fell awkwardly and suffered a further injury with a broken pelvis. Throughout these tribulations Steve has bravely and indefatigably kept up with club events and meetings, including rally work, and has also busied himself with the repair of his much-loved Triumph. 

2014      Rick Collins has been a clubmate par excellence of the Montreal section for longer than most can remember, and for many years he has hosted meetings, organised rides, written innumerable CVMG News reports, served on the club’s executive and taken active parts in countless rallies. Rick wins the award for conspicuous indefatigability (subcategory pro-crastination) in managing to delay the rolling-out of his Rickman Honda project, eagerly awaited now by his clubmates for several decades. 

2013      Brian Gage joined the CVMG in 2007, having been a member alongside his buddies Pete and Paul Reitel, and others, of the renowned Bedford Commando Platoon for many years. In recent years he has been prevented from riding by incapacitating back problems. However, with the help and encouragement of his clubmates he has this last summer been able to regain enough mobility to courageously venture out again several times on his beloved Norton, and continues upon the rebuilding of another Commando project bike. He thus demonstrates the essential quality of indefatigability, for in the face of adversity, he has not given up on his lifelong love of motorcycling. We hope this award encourages Brian during his rehabilitation. 

2012      Pete Reitel has been an active, enthusiastic and loyal CVMG Montreal member since the section’s earliest

days, and together with several co-clubmates, he forms the Bedford Commando Platoon in south Quebec. He secures the award this year for his indefatigability in finally realising a 40-odd-year old dream of owning the BSA A65L Lightning that his father once forbade him to have. Since 1998, Pete has been lovingly refurbishing and restoring a basket case 1969 Lightning project, and finally this summer, in spite of this model’s emasculating reputation, saw its engine breathe fire again. Pete has made his bike into a special high-revving variant, featuring a novel and unique 2-speed gearbox. 

2011      Martyn Clark, despite pure bad luck, perseveres in a bitter struggle to make his 1969 Triumph Tiger T100C reliable. For two seasons now, problems that started with excessive oil dumping, passed through electrical meltdowns, and continues with aggravating carburetion and ignition faults, have prevented him from joining in any of the club’s rides. At times grief-stricken by frustration, tempted to “pack it all in”, and subjected to derision for not having a “real man’s bike”, Martin has nevertheless plumbed the depths of despair to find the courage to continue. Throughout these trials he has demonstrated indefatigability, and it is expected that this award will encourage him on to achieve ultimate success. 

2010      Pete McEwen has led the club as section president for nearly eight years since his election in 2003. With undeniable indefatigability in the face of personal prevailing winds and tides, he has engaged himself several times in the office, in addition to serving repeatedly as Rally Chairman and Salon de la Moto coordinator. He has been in the thick of each and every club event during that time in a managerial role, and unfailingly showed up at every section meeting. His interest in and knowledge of vintage motorcycles is par excellence and his volunteering spirit as a CVMG clubmate is indeed exemplary. 

2009      Brian Henderson is a long-time Montreal section member with an impressive record of vintage racing over many years. At Mosport in August, he suffered a spill whilst racing and suffered a concussion and some injury. Just a few weeks later, demonstrating his indomitable and indefatigable spirit, he was in the thick of it, racing at North Bay and winning races again. He picked himself up, dusted himself off, and started all over again. 

2008      Eric Pritchard is a founding member of the section and has been active in vintage racing for many years. He and his wife Ariane have hosted the annual Ormstown CVMG Rally for a total of 19 years to date. In 2008, Eric embarked upon a major AHRMA vintage racing campaign in the USA with his 250cc Ducati, achieving a total of 37 starts, 37 finishes and 14 podiums during 19 days of racing and 10 days of practicing. Throughout the year he managed to accumulate enough points for: 250GP Class - 3rd Overall (out of 64); 1st Best/West Cup; 4th Dixie Cup; 6th Mid West Cup; 350GP Class - 5th Overall (out of 39); 2nd Best/West Cup; 3rd Dixie Cup; 6th Mid West Cup. Eric acknowledges that his success is in part due to the invaluable assistance of several of his fellow CVMG-Montreal clubmates. 

2007      Ken Murphy demonstrated supreme devotion and single-minded dedication to task during the restoration of his Triumph T140 “half-barn-find” project. Despite innumerable setbacks, tight budgetary constraints and mechanical disaster in a far-off land, he has persevered with the project when many lesser mortals would have given up. 

2006      David Cronin has been an esteemed member since 1989, and is known for his expertise with and knowledge of BSA and especially Ariel models, for which he has been active in the AOMCC (Ariel Owners Club). His credentials are further secured due to the fact that he has personally witnessed the devastation that can be wreaked by the blow-up of a BSA A65 bottom-end. A 1970 BSA A65F Firebird that he was riding a few years ago (and still owns) “let go” in the classic traditional way, and David narrowly escaped serious bodily injury in the ensuing mêlée. 

2005      Camille Dansereau has been an active and enthusiastic CVMG-Montreal member for many years. He has a long association with motorcycles and motorcycling, which continues today with riding, restoring and dealing in bikes. A great favourite amongst us for his wit and humour, he demonstrated conspicuous bravery as one of Reitel's Raiders during the 2005 ride to Vermont USA (see CVMG News (November 2005) Montreal Section report). 

2004      John Gurr, the quintessential motorcyclist, an ace restorer and a long-time, active and enthusiastic club member, came out as top participant in the club's Vintage Riding Challenge effort, covering a total of 9674 km in the club's total of 74000. 

2003      Earnie Mount can claim to be the most senior club member still actively riding a motorcycle. Earnie is also a WWII veteran, who played an active part in the D-Day Normandy Invasions as pilot of a Landing Craft. 

2002      Gerry Marshall made a comeback to road racing after a prolonged hiatus, and did well. He risked life and limb, despite his advanced years.